Robert Nolin

Thank you for your interest in my novel, Leaving the Land of Make-Believe.

I suppose I discovered my facility with words and art back in the sixth grade. For the amusement of my two best friends, Huey and Billy, I drew caricatures of our enemies: the girls. I drew cars that looked like rocket ships, and wrote the ongoing adventures of three friends who happened to have the same names as us. For most of my adult life, I’ve continued to develop my art, from traditional watercolor to digital art, but it wasn’t until my children grew older and went off to college that I rediscovered my love of writing. I come to novel writing late in life, but it seems clear that I was always meant to do this thing. It just took a while for the right time to arrive.

Leaving the Land of Make-Believe is my first novel. It was born of my love of art and history, and a desire to travel back in time, and a fascination with Maxfield Parrish. I tried to learn everything I possibly could about Parrish and his world. As the shape of the past took form in my mind, I realized that Lydia’s life story was the one worth telling. I’ve tried to stick to the known facts as much as possible, to give readers a glimpse of what it was really like to be the wife of such a famous man, living in the fascinating world of the Cornish Colony, eventually striking out to create a life for herself in Georgia.

My wife and I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we have two children, both grown. I’m currently working on a second novel.

Again, thank you for your interest in my work.